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Hubby struggling with anxiety.



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Jun 7, 2021
Wv13 1as
Hi all, my hubby has always passed out and been rubbish with anything medical, he had to have an ecg a few months ago and passed out just having that done, his mom and sister are the same and unfortunately so is my daughter. Despite this last week he had his first covid jab, he drove himself as I wasn't available, he nearly passed out a few times but the staff really looked after him, he felt well enough to drive home but unfortunately he suddenly felt like he was going to pass out and did so at the wheel, luckily he was about to pull over but he veered across the road and managed to avoid serious injury to himself or anyone else,.an ambulance was called but be didn't want to be checked out cos of his history, now he is having panic attacks about driving and feels really anxious and low in mood, the doctors can't get him in and I I struggling to see how I can get him some help.


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Nov 10, 2019
Welcome Recdog,

Has your husband spoken to his GP about his anxiety?

I don't know what part of the UK you are in but you may have a wellbeing services that you can self-refer to also. Maybe that support could be over the phone?

You can always call your husband's surgery to ask what help is available, if he is too anxious to call himself.
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