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Hubby may be depressed? But I don't know for sure...



Nov 3, 2019
Hello this is my first post. I don't know if this is where to ask such a question but I am feeling confused.

My hubby had been different and distant for months. He then came home one day saying he wanted a divorce. I asked why and he couldn't give an answer besides we didn't have a spark or connect. Which didn't make sense. In the months leading up he stated things such as:

He couldn't feel love or emotions
He felt empty and lost
He had an anger inside of him
He just wants to be alone
Something in his brain doesn't allow him to be happy ever
Feels trapped

Everything before this was fine and normal. He did breakdown at one point and said he did need help but didn't want medications . But the next day he changed his mind about that. Since then I have encouraged him to seek help. He claims he will go but doesn't want to.

Do you think he is depressed or really just doesn't want to be married and be alone?

What are some tips to encourage him to get help if he is?

I also fear he will not be truthful and be stubborn with a professional and say he is fine.
Thank you all in advance. I'm glad I found this community ❤


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2019
actually I would take yourself off to therapy yourself

I dont mean there is anything wrong with you
but anyone can get help from a therapist
whatever state they are in

and in fact you can see a relate counsellor
without your partner

coping with a partner who has a disability
can be very taxing and confusing
and someone to talk it through with
might help both of you

sounds like he wants some space at the moment
so it should be great if you can
let him work this out in his own time I think
but then I'm not a professional

:hug5: ✨


Nov 3, 2019
I've thought about going to see someone! Thanks for the suggestion. Help for myself would be good in this situation
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