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Huband suffering from bipolar



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Dec 3, 2009
Hi all,

I think I just need to vent. My husband has bipolar, he went 6 years without an episode (which was his first episode then) and has recently just suffered another manic episode. This is the first one that I have ever witnessed. He was sectioned and has been out of hospital for almost four months now and while there have been lots of ups and downs he seemed to be recovering. Recently however he asked the doctor to change his meds because the olanzipine he was on was making him feel too "caged in". Which the doctor did and put on him some kind of anti-physcotic.

This last weekend he started to act quite strangely around his friends (who told me this later) asking where he could get hash from and he didn't come home to me for two nights because he said he needed to "blow off steam". This is unlike him and he didn't even ask at the time how his 2 year old daughter was. He eventually came home and seemed very sorry. However today he started a fight out of no-where, over nothing and was quite awful and personal to me. He kept provoking me and, I'm ashamed to say, banged my fists on his chest and begged him to leave. He then became really enraged and screamed in my face and pinned me to the bed with his elbow in my throat.

After that he did leave and went to his parents. His parents rung me telling me that we had just had an argument and I shouldn't say he's sick as he seems fine now and it was probably my fault anyway for hitting him first.

I don't know what to do. Is it my fault? I spoke to him on the phone a good few hours after and he said he had done it in self defence. He said he wasn't sick, then he said maybe he was and then he said he might go to the hospital tomorrow.

I feel like I don't want him back in the house with me and my daughter. He's such a passive person normally. I don't know if I'm blaming him being manic or me provoking him to do it, I don't know how to get past this.


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You must not allow any violence to yourself. If he has been diagnosed as having a mental illness he should be in contact with either his G.P. and/or the Mental Health Team. I suggest you contact whichever one is relevant as he is obviously needing help, and you are needing suppport. There is no reason to believe that any of this is your fault. He is ill and you have not caused an illness.
It is wrong that his paarents should blame you, and when you have sorted your problem and his, then I should explain to his parents about his illness.