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Howdy doody!



New member
Sep 30, 2009
Hello, I'm new here. This is my first post on here. I have really struggled this year and I am feeling much better than I was. Before, I struggled to concentrate on anything, I would stress out and it would cause more mood swings, but right now, I am able to actually think. I have been through 2 miscarriages this year and I was sacked from work, although I have been told by several sources that it was unfair dismissal. I was too ill to take them to court or anything. I have depression and anxiety and have had quite a few delusions this year, which for a while prevented me from walking around my own house. I have been through about 3 months of councelling and I am supposed to have more long term councelling soon. I am also on prozac, which does seem to help.

The good thing happening at the moment, is that I feel well enough to try again for a baby and I am hoping that I will be able to come on here for help to help me get through my next pregnancy. I'm sure that some of you will have experienced it before, but I currently feel like I need to have a baby, rather than want one now. I started working again a few weeks ago, but part time, as I have learnt I cannot push myself too much, as I am quite delicate. I have a tendancy to be quite hard on myself, but I am learning not to.

Anyways, that's my introduction. I hope it wasn't too gloomy, I tried putting the basics down. Although I have had problems since my early teens, but just not to the degree that it got to this year. So ...hello people, I hope you are all nice. I'm going to shut up now, cos I'm babbling on...nervous and all that. :redface: :)


Hi Melanie

And :welcome:.
I hope you find the members of this site as friendly, helpful and supportive as I have :)
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