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How to talk about depressed feelings ?



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Jan 2, 2021
Hi everyone,

I hope you feel well or at least not too bad.

I m 26.
I feel depressed again since before the beginning of december.
Due to my problems in my region (rapes especially), I almost haven t keep any contact with people I knew there or my family (except when they invited themself in my appartment...). I m living now in another city.

I would like to talk to someone, but I m afraid. I would like to talk with a colleague but I don t know if it s a good idea. I m a little lost, what if he thinks I m crazy, or too unstable to be trusted ? He is 1 year older than me (27) and I was the person who introduced him to the work in the company.

He told me the last week that he was here to listen to me if I need it. But I don t know what/how to do...

What is in my mind actually ? Bad old memories from 6-10 years ago. Among others :
- rapes during 9 months
- self harm tendancies ( I haven t do it since 4 years)
- a friend who wanted to help me by killing me, until I was unconscious
- a suicide tentative and worst self harm episodes
- The suicide of a friend (an other), it was 9 years ago in december and I feel very bad about it and guilty.


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Aug 14, 2018
There will be better days for you. It will be good if you open up your heart to someone telling what you are going through. That person just might be able to help you and lighten your burden. It will also do you good to seek medical help or undergo a therapy.

Music helps me. Music is therapeutic. Listen to good, uplifting and encouraging music on youtube.

Also, do what you love doing or what you are good at. It will do good to you and make you happy.


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Apr 22, 2018
Dont know if talk about this with a co worker is the best idea.

You need to talk with someone you really trust. Maybe the coworkee is not good handleling this situations, or maybe he looks a good person but ends up being bad, and telling to other co workers etc, and you end up feeling worst.

Sorry to give a bad scenario, but its something you have to consider.

Maybe talk online is a good step. Like on this forum.

And if its possible with a therapist.

A coworker maybe can handdle sexual assault topics, but suicide could be too much. But of course its hard to say not knowing the person, but better be careful so dont end up hurt.


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Jan 2, 2021
Thanks for your replies.
I will not talk to him finally. I feel very alone so it s difficult, but I m also scarred that it will make things worse.


Jan 18, 2021
Greenville NC
The thing is people at work do not stand by you even if you are thought to be friends. They are afraid of losing their jobs and will turn in a second.they always tell someone.
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