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how to stop hearing voices



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Feb 2, 2019
this week I learned how to block voices.

I have been hearing voices for 16 years, and havce been having nightmares, sleep problems, I feel tired all day, etc. I also experience a buzzing feeling on parts of my body near my stomach which is known as a chakra.

One day I decided that I would try to prevent the buzzing feeling in my charka that is known as the root chakra. I did this by moving my body constantly, wiggling my hips, switching positions while sitting or laying, walking, etc. I blocked the buzzing by using a cell phone or other electronic device when powered on. I also blocked it by using my hand, and by placing irregular shaped and curved objects over the buzzing location, such as a basketball, plastic water bottle, or computer mouse. I spent 1 full day stopping the buzzing.

The next day, although I still hear some voices, they are 99% quieter and I no longer get annoyed, stressed, bothered, or angered by them. Instead of bothering me all day, every second, now long periods of time go by where they do not bother me or they remain quiet. I also felt more alive, slept better (drooling when I woke up), and was happier.

After 5 days of this, the buzzing in my stomach area stopped and I started to feel buzzing in my feet. I have felt this for a few days now and the voices really don't bother me much.

I also discovered that the source of the buzzing comes from outside of my body at an angle (not directly upwards). I tested this by moving my hand around my body, about a foot away, and I discovered a specific spot that stopped my stomach from buzzing, even though my hand was far away. I also discovered that the buzzing sometimes comes in at an angle to my body because I feel it a bit to the left side and not in the direct center of my body.

I then took about 10 plastic water bottles and put them in a plastic bag, and I place them on my stomach when I sleep, and the buzzing stops.

From laying down, if I move to a new position, the buzzing stops for a few seconds. However if I move to a new position and raise my body above the bed, it takes a lot longer before the buzzing starts up again. Its as if I am better hiding from whatever the source of this buzzing is.

Before, I used to feel buzzing for a short period each day, now anytime I am still it starts, all day long, until I go to sleep. However the voices don't bother me any more and are mostly dormant.

I also believe the buzzing is a vibration of the muscles or perhaps skin. If I clench the skin and pinch it when it is buzzing, the buzzing stops.

I also learned that wearing a hat (such as a baseball cap) reduces some voices, and wearing an ear plug in the ear that I hear voices also reduces a lot of voices. Playing loud music reduces the voices. I made an audio track that plays 10 songs at the same time with no silent portion or gaps and it reduces the voices, and I listen to it when they bother me the most.

Good luck and I hope this helps you.


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Nov 22, 2013
I chant in my head "I love you Satan" and that shuts him up.