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How to stop anxiety ruining the fun



Jun 18, 2021
I've had anxiety for years now, it's always ruined things that I view as fun such as hanging out with friends and it has always plagued me and tricked me into making things bad. In regards to social anxiety I would say I'm half adequate at battling it as I have done so for a long time now. But it seems there is always a new ball in play, recently it has been about my tattoos.

I really love my tattoos and piercings but recently I have spent more time worrying about how my tattoos will age or if I could have chosen a better design or placement etc. I'm having a really hard time expressing these feelings to people around me without them saying the whole 'i told you so you will regret it.' I don't regret my tattoos I regret letting my anxiety win over me. I want to enjoy my tattoos while they still look great, I get them professionally done and they look great. For some reason I have just been haunted that the tattoo designs I have picked aren't good enough especially not to be on me forever and that wow hey will age horribly, whilst I am realistic and realise that my tattoos will sag and wrinkle, I am only 20 and in love with my tattoos.

It's hard to explain but I don't regret my tattoos at all, my anxiety is just eating away at me any chance it gets. It's like being followed about by an evil Karen anywhere I go telling me how awful I look or what awful mistakes I've made (barring in mind I have 3 small tattoos that can't really be seen lol). It's putting a real damper on my excitement for my next tattoo next month but I just want to be able to look forward to it. Does anybody have any advice on how to push back the ever-looming anxiety cloud of doubt? Much appreciated, stay safe everyone x


Well-known member
Jul 19, 2021
Hi moz808, first thing I'd say is you need to tell Evil Karen to do one and leave you the hell alone to make your own choices. I have some tats as well and got them done many years ago and I am now 60 yrs old ( but don't look it ) yes the colours have faded but if it bothered me I would get them recoloured. Don't let others even bother you because you have tats as it's their problem if they don't like them, so look forward to when you get your new tat and be proud.
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