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How to handle the workplace complainer?



Several months ago, I, partly through disability and partly through my own choice, decided to take a more junior post at work, taking a pay cut and have never been so happy. Yes, the pay is lower than my last post, but I have a really supportive manager, less responsibility, I am managing to 'switch off' after work and only work daytime hours. My last post required me to work shifts of all kinds.

The pay cut has been well worth it. I feel healthier and happier and find my work itself easier and feel my life overall has improved.

However, one woman in our small and otherwise supportive, upbeat team is constantly telling me how difficult our job is and how the manager expects too much and how underpaid we are. another employee, like me, stepped down from a higher grade job with our employer and has never been happier either:)

How do I stop the complainer's attitudes getting me down and risk spoiling a job I actually find relatively easy and enjoyable?


Good to read that things are much better for you... money doesn't buy you health , and its your health that is most important.

Tricky one with the work colleague though.... tempting to superglue her false teeth together but that would get you into trouble, so don't try this at home.:D

Ignore her mate, walk away, imagine a great big ignore button between her eyes and mentally press it whenever she starts talking and glaze over and think of little lambs skipping in green fields or something...

No point in getting into a discussion with people like that, they wont listen to anything you have to say that contradicts their view.

Let the rest of the team sort her out. Concentrate on yourself.

Well done you though....I am glad that things are better for you x
All good wishes


Even when the team leader gives me or the team positive critism or encouragement, this colleague barrages me with "Oh, I see you got told off again" or non_stop "When I was going through my divorce 'n' that, she never gave me support 'n' that".

I get no end of support from our team leader.