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How to find what is normal to recover from OCD



May 17, 2020
I won't go into all the details but I need to get over this OCD.
In the past I slowly got over My OCD for the main part due to medication and also changing and refocusing on good things. I think the medication numbed the anxiety and I actually ived pretty normally for a while even though I was still aware of the OCD and there were certain things I wouldn't do but I think these were reasonable (e.g. I would use public bathrooms but I wouldn't sit down on them which I know I never did and neither do others in my family and some friends - I would never want to).
Saying that my current major fears revolve around the fact that the woman at the supermarket was putting the bread packages on the floor while sorting the shelves out and I had already picked up bread from the other aisle which looked freshly stocked but as I was shopping for my parents too I couldn't put them back. I was hoping that maybe this was a one off as I had seen others packing the shelves in the week prior but then two weeks later I saw the same woman doing it again with the same bread which I had bought a few weeks before.
I have many other things bothering me but this is a major source which is now making it feel that my parents' house where I am supposed to be staying while in the UK is contaminated and I had to leave as I was making sure my Mum wasn't contaminating the house while cooking as all the groceries bought and mixed over the past months feel dirty including the cupboards and other things in there.

I want to be able to just let this OCD go but I am also struggling with the reality of how I should be feeling. I can't accept that things from the floor of a shop is okay but I also see that no one else seems to care. I also know that we all need standards and there are things to me that wouldn't be acceptable for me. For example my Dad will use a glass with water to take his meds and will put it on the drainer without even rinsing it so it gets dried with the other clean dishes. Or my sister will wash dishes and won't even rinse her hands (soapy/food water) before drying them on the dish towel.
How does one who wants to go cold turkey and try to get over OCD dcide what is normal and acceptable, especially when people use the argument that if it diesn't bother them then it is normal but in my mind some of these things aren't. Wiping the floor with a cloth and then putting it back on the kitchen counter. I want to try to let things go but not sure where to start and where the line needs to be drawn as I am staying out of my home right now and there are things going on that just ISN'T normal in my opinion.


Jul 20, 2020
How does one who wants to go cold turkey and try to get over OCD
That's not an option, imo. One has to accept it. Medication is a big deal and therapy. There's nothing comparable to a "diet" to it. Attempts at that are simply attempts to further control and that is counterproductive with ocd, obviously.

You can totally complain about the bread thing, it's not allowed.