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How to fight dirty in life, when you know the fight is unfair?



Active member
Nov 8, 2017
this is something that occurred to me with regards to a RL situations, especially when you have a farce of a "legitimate structure" to make it appear appear like 'you do the preparation, you tick all the boxes, you will succeed to get to the next stage'

but how does one go about redressing the balance, or throw a rabbit punch when this fight (the fight in life) is fixed and unfair?

and there is no such thing as a clean fight, just honorable sparring


Mr Ploppy

Nov 1, 2018
Not sure about that one Hik.

It’s dog eat dog out there that’s for sure.

Play dirty.


I'm nowhere into fighting, but am confident with self-defence in close combat from my training. The best way in Real Life is be situationally aware. This enables you to stay away from potential threats in spotting trouble from afar, and have a place to run if need be.

Self-defence is by far the best in 'throwing away' your aggressor and for this to be most affective is join a martial arts club to learn Taekwondo. If you ended up in a court of law, that martial art would stand you in good stead.