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How to effectively cope with anger and rreasurance in OCD



Mar 16, 2020
What you need to do if you suffer sudden anger attack is, first of all, if youre about to get angry and explode, you need to change your perspective about that situation, like telling yourself, thinking "Im not gonna explode, I have absolute control of this situation" its like a mantra, but that alone wont work, you need first of all, to recognize your own thoughts from the involuntary OCD thoughts, to do so I rub my fingertips every time I want to think voluntarily, I do so when I start to think, and when I finished thinking it, its like opening and closing it, once you closed it, just let the involuntary thoughts flow, like a river, just ignore them.

then think (voluntarily as I said before) that you have the absolute control of the situation and that you wont get crazy or explode.

Ok, once you finished this, every time youre about to explode from anger, breath deeply, change your perspective of the situation, tell yourself that youre in control (once you think voluntarily that youre in control its not necessary to do the same with this kind of thoughts, just think that youre in control until youre calm) think that anytime you control yourself youre closer to your dreams, closer to get a new life, and before you get really angry and start losing control,
think and dont stop thinking that youre in control, and that getting angry wont solve anything, with doing this you will remain calm, do it until your anger dissappears, remember that once youre really angry you will get less control of the situation.

so think in a mantra, think that youre always in control until you are not angry anymore.

to summarize it:

1)- recognize your voluntary thoughts from the involuntary ones.

2)- think voluntarily that youre in control and youre gonna ignore the thoughts that trigger anger ( and also any kind of thoughts related to it)

3)- repeat a mantra that calms you, think on that mantra until youre calm (it wont be necessary to rub your fingers for this)

so this is the procedure, by doing this I can say I control my anger, remember that if you get angry is because of the thoughts of your mind, and sometimes you dont even realize but those thoughts triggers your anger so you need to be careful. tell me if this helped you
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