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How to Deal with someone that has Othello syndrom?



Sep 10, 2013
I have spent the last 4.5 months searching on te internet for some answers and now am very sure that My mother possibly has Othello disorder and I am not sure how to help my Dad with this because my Dad ( in his 70s) cannot go any where not even walk down the hall way of the apartment we live in with out he ( most of the time) my mother accusing him of cheating I am embarrassed to say that I have been living with them for a while now and I have watched this going on since last summer. My mother accuses him of cheating and finds little pieces of hair or what ever in the car she even found sun glass's that ended up being my nieces in the Car and even with this my mother doesn't believe me or anyone that it says that the glass's are my nieces, this morning my Dad asked my mother if she wanted to come with him just so he can buy some Gas for the car ( only 2 blocks away) but my mother said it was ok it will only take 5 minutes, of course there was a lineup at the stations and after a few minutes my mother started to get anxious pacing around the house looking out the windows then finally she grabbed her coat walked down to the lobby and waited when my dad came in she started saying that she seen him driving around the area looking for hookers.
this really upsets my dad and he is almost always in tears.
they both have an appointment to see a psychiatrist in a week but e feels now that know matter what he tells the psychiatrist the psychiatrist won't believe him because she has all of this evidence like a piece of red hair ( which I am sure belongs to my sister) and the sunglasses, which are my nieces.
I have sat down with both of them after hours of my mother interrogating my father and even hitting im becasue my Dad wouldn't answer her , I sat down and asked to see the evidence and then stayed open minded and walked through everything that she was accusing my father of talking about how and the timing and the illogic of it all .
for one thing my Dad almost loses his temper and anything related to drug dealing and or street people dealing or taking drugs he believes they all should be thrown in prison on a desert island..
then there is a good fact that my Dad never goes out at night ..ever .

she just accused me of taking sides which I told her I wasn't.

now through all of this my mothers only friend is a person from her past which they were brought together from a very traumatic experience , that is agreeing with everything my mother is saying and is basically helping her with my mothers delusions by saying that her psychic feelings is that my dads hooker girlfriend is very close to him .

I have been trying my best to support both my Parents I know that my mother Cannot help being this way and I try to tell my Dad that he has to tell his side to what is going on, I feel so hurt and helpless myself .
my Father just dealt with Cancer a few year back and has so far defeated it but now has kidney problems only 15% functionality he doesn't need this stress