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How to deal with severe anxiety and stress?



New member
Nov 21, 2020

I am a 31year old married working woman. I lost my mother three years back due to cancer. I was just trying to cope with the situation but in the next year I got to know that my younger brother has end stage renal disease. In the meantime, I also got married hurriedly (with the wish to have my mom present at the wedding but that eventually didn't happen). My husband and I work in London and my brother stays in India, our native country. Now I am always in the constant mental pressure that I am not there with my brother in this time. He has to go through a kidney transplant but we cannot start the process as I am away. Due to covid, all my plans this year got cancelled. I am juggling so much between my job, my married life and the situation with my brother. Recently, I got diagnosed with some hormonal conditions and have been advised to conceive as soon as possible. I want that too. But I do not know how I can handle a pregnancy and also my brother's health, with my husband staying away from me. I am so anxious that cannot sleep, often quarrel with my husband or even my brother himself!! I know it is harmful for my health. Please help!

Sorry for the long first message but I hope you understand my situation. Hope to receive some answers.

Thanking you,


New member
Nov 21, 2020
Hi MimiSubs,

Sorry to hear about all that, i send a hug your way. I understand the pain of a parent passing away, i really do sympathise with your pain. It may be worth talking to a GP about anxiety or stress? I suffer from anxiety and depression and I'm defiantly glad i went to my GP, i wasn't able to cope alone.
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