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How to cope



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Apr 8, 2008
How do you cope with deep depression and caring for a toddler?

My husband cannot take time off work and is even considering calling social services about how I cannot care for her properly when I am ill. I don't want her taken away from me but I cannot see how else this will work.

I try my best, but friday was the worst day on my own with my daughter. Hubby had to come home as I hadn't got out of bed and it was 12. DD was still in bed. I feel so guilty about this and am a complete failure as a mother. Maybe it is best if she gets taken from me. I am obviously incapable.

I am not diagnosed yet but after a week of hypermanic or manic the doctor thinks I maybe so waiting for a psych assessment. I am getting no help here. I cannot cope!

Please help me.


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Sep 9, 2008
Hiya, i'm no expert but there's something called Home Start or Sure Start I think? It's where people go & help out other parents with their kids, maybe they can help you? I'm sure the very last thing social will want is to split you & your Daughter up & there's things they can do to help. You're not a failure as a Mother, you can't help it & you're here showing concern about it, that's not being a failure! I don't have kids but maybe someone who does will come along with some advice, but Home start or sure start whatever they're called can maybe help. I can always ask my CPN about them if needed, I know she knows all about it.
You're doing the right thing asking for help, i'm sure the last thing anyone wants is to split you up! Pls let me know how things go on & try not to worry, maybe your GP or CPN (If you have one) could provide advice too? gl whatever you decide to do x
Ok sent link via PM, not sure if it's ok to post links here, hope it's of some use x
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