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How to cope with what I think de personalisation



I feel horrible and different for about 2 years now I think I've got signs of de personalisation but I'm not sure if it's a neuro problem as it feels worse than de realisation/personalisation. I just wanna know if I will ever be normal me again so I can get on with my life!!without worrying. I feel strange when I go outside and engaging people with conversation doesnt feel right like serious chats when I talk at like job interviews in just like there nodding-
Also having some really weird thoughts to do with violence towards my family members, is when I'm at home I have some weird strange thoughts and just feel abit odd at home.
But nothing like when I go outside nothing feels normal..Like my eyes change and my head goes into another mode but inside I'm fine! :/
I have no clue about this de realisation/personalisation I just wanna get through it but it feels much worse than it is. And doesn't seem anxiety triggered
This was all because I done stupid drugs a while back but since then been completely straight
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Aug 17, 2012
The West Country
I would say that depersonalisation and derealisation can feel absolutely awful and i've found it difficult to believe that it's purely a mental health problem - I was convinced for a while that something must have been wrong with my brain because I felt so terrible with it. :unsure:

What I would suggest is talking to your doctor and also possible making an appointment to have your sight tested at the opticians.
Whilst i'm sure there won't be any physical health problems, I think it's worth checking things out so that you can have that reassurance that what you're experiencing isn't anything serious.
I'd advice you to be honest with the doctor about your past drug use too. Their job isn't to judge you or to call the police, and it will help them get a better idea of what's going on for you.