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How to Cope when You feel like You've Lost Everything.



New member
May 29, 2020
How do I get back on track after a set back? For years I coped with depression and anxiety using coping skills. But over the years with so many hard issues, it felt like it came crashing down in one day. I feel like the lights were on one day, and out the next, and I have no idea how to cope. I feel like i lost everything, my family, my friends, my interests...there's nothing left. This has taken everything away from me.


Active member
May 23, 2020
It can be very hard . But not knowing why you are in this position is hard to know. I went through a very very bad time felt I had lost everything in life and it was dreadful painful too . While standing at the shore of the sea a thought came across my mind why I don’t know imagine this whole sea became dried up and it was endless water . We can’t imagine . I became grateful for everything I had the worst hadn’t happened it can’t be imagined .


New member
May 29, 2020
I can feel it, I feel remnants of what I used to be, and try to get back to where I was. It feels like each time I try, a vivid reminder of past events comes to mind, and I am right back down again.
I am ashamed of my feelings, scared that no one will understand. I feel like those that were close to me, feel like I've shunned them, when all I want is their love and support. I remember being so grateful for everything, I was proud of that. I felt free to be me, now i'm locked in a shell.

I know I can get there, but I'm just struggling to find the right path. It started after an event that happened last year, when I was overwhelmed at everything, moving, loss of a loved one, a natural disaster, husband having surgery. I think I took out my frustration on a family member, and I feel so bad. I feel like with that one moment, I lost my confidence.
I think I know what it is, but I don't know how to fix it. They don't want to talk to me like before and it breaks my heart. Its been almost about a year and I'm still lost. This is my struggle, with relationships. They mean everything to me. I need to have that one support system, and I am pushing them away.
I need to believe that things will get better, and I can see for what it really is. I know I am seeing things wrong.
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