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How to convince a delusional person to get help?


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Jun 3, 2008
It is quite apparent that the person we care about thinks that people are after them and quite determined to make their life a misery. They speak angrily about those who don't seem to believe them and are quite rude to anyone who annoys them. As such they need help but if one was brave enough to tell them so then they wouldn't trust you - any further opportunity to help them will be smashed? It is a very painful position to be in. The question is, is there a way of bringing them to realise that they are delusional without sending them into despair - especially if you're about the only one who seems to be trustworthy?


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Apr 27, 2008
I was in that very situation recently. I became convinced the MHT were spying on me via the internet. I told my pdoc and he was horrified. Nothing he could do would persuade me otherwise, or I would maybe concede that they weren't but they might have been. My family and friends could not convince me either.
To answer your question? I don't know. My family and friends were consistent with telling me I was off the track, my pdoc saw me regularly and I had a therapist I saw who got me to look at my reasoning.
It is really really hard cos I KNEW they were speaking sense, but in my mind, my thoughts were real too.
I can only suggest you be consistent with your telling them it is not real and NOT do what my mum did and tell me she could totally understand where I was coming from. Wow! That gave me fuel for my fire!


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Instead of trying to get them to get help how about that you ask why they think people are out to get them? Don't buy into it if it's an obvious delusion but treat it seriously and that may be a way forward.