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How to best deal when a person thinks everything she does is wrong?



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Nov 1, 2020
Some city
So today my mom gave a suggestion about giving temporary shelter to a dog from a shelter(some dog shelters closed here do to covid). I don't think is a good idea because we already have two of them and is not like we have extra space here, also they are kind of hostile against strangers, specially dogs, so I don't think they will react well. My step dad is also against it.

The problem is that my mom do not take rejection very well from us because of somethings that happened in her past, she think everything she does is a mistake and if we don't agree with her, she thinks that we not agreeing with her only confirm what she thinks.
What I said above was just the most recent, but if we don't agree with her, she always thinks that is another mistake she did.

If she also made a choice and something happens that went slightly wrong, same thing happens.

So if I disagree or if I agree and something goes wrong or became too stressful(the most likely scenarios in the recent event), the result is the same. She gets sad because she thinks she made another mistake.

She was felling really depressed these days, and is slightly improving, so I'm being extra careful.

How do you guys think I should better deal if this kind of situation?


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Nov 10, 2019
You could ask her a question in stead of telling her what you think. Maybe arrange the discussion so she thinks it was her decision NOT to rescue another dog.

So, i'd love one too, but do you think our dogs would welcome another? I don't know, what do you think?
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