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How many of you are depressed and just lack interest?



Active member
Apr 2, 2019
In My Mind
How many of you are depressed and just lack interest?

I find I'm kinda down all the time thinking well into the past or the future. Everything feels so difficult to do. I came off meds once and all my negative symptoms just disapeared before the positive symptoms returned 4 months later.

I can't live without meds, I've tried. With every episode things just got worse. Wish I had just stuck to them. Or when I've decided to stop my meds taper and not just stop cold turkey.

Thats my advice to anyone out there never just quit a med cold turkey even if its an antidepressant, always taper it, it's to much of a shock to the system.

Anyone plan on being off meds one day? I wish for it. But it's my own fault really, took to many drugs.

Sorry for the ramble.


Well-known member
Jan 27, 2019
I have tried to get off meds cold turkey never works and a slow taper does make a difference. I wish I could get off the Risperdone it makes me so anxious and depressed although it cures the psychosis to a point. So I am not sure if I will ever be able to get off of it I use to self harm and when they increased my dose I stopped doing it. weird how this all works. Risperdone can cause all kinds of bad side effects after long term use so I really do not know. Lots of hugs sent your way
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