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How long would you advise staying put?



Unfortunately for me, I have this delusion that the railway that I live behind is communicating to me by blowing off steam.

Last 10 months, have seen this go up and down. Somedays I can ignore it, and some days I can't.

I've just been, threw 1 1 /2 hours of trying to sleep, am really tired, but my brain is being stimulated by the steam.

I've accepted and "agree" I'm not going to shake this one off. Its crap. But its "my" crap. weird business of owning a delusion. omg.

There is space in my flat where I can get away and sleep - without any noise.

Any suggestions to a cut off point, where I should take myself away from the steam and sleep in the living room?

I hate giving up, but I'm pretty tired and just would appreciate how long people would "tolerate" stuff.

thanks in advance


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Jul 15, 2009
I've not had delusions but personally I'm inclined to give in quite quickly to anything that disturbs my sleep. I can't see a problem with going somewhere else to sleep if it means getting peace.


many thanks - i did stay up to read your reply last night. It was swift and appreciated. thanks.
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