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How long do depression dips last for?


Mary KK

New member
May 6, 2018
Hi I’m new here and relatively new to experiencing depression and low mood.
I had a rubbish relationship and strsssful job, neither of which I am in at present. I quit work and moved back home about six months when I hit a very low patch.
Since then I’ve had my medication changed and have been leading a stress free unemployed life. Whether this is a good thing I don’t know.
I was starting to feel a lot better over the past 4/5 weeks and thinking ‘great hopefully the worst is behind me now’
This last week I’ve been feeling pretty low and exhausted, no matter how much I sleep or what I do.
My medication is pretty high and is being monitored.
I really hate this dip I’m experiencing. It makes me feel like I have no future nothing will ever be good again.
Is it normal?


:welcome: to the forum. They can last years at times. I hope yours is short lived. :hug:


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Sep 12, 2013
It varies hugely between people and episodes and is influenced by medications and other circumstances. I think when we are in the middle of it it can be hard to see progress and it's normal to have ups and downs within your recovery too. Sometimes it can be helpful to look back and see how far you have come rather than how far you have to go to get back to where you were before. The last time I was off work for 3 months but it took a good 12 months to recover fully, this time I am into month 4 off work.

I find it helpful to start off by setting small goals e.g to have a shower, get dressed, walk to the end of the road and gradually build it up. I find exercise, mindfulness and meditation helpful. I've also found that we have a local mental health and wellbeing centre in my town (can't believe I've only just found it exists) and have been doing a lot of courses and activities with them to help build up my activity levels and concentration again. You could also look up if there is a recovery college near you, these also run courses for people recovering from mental health problems.


May 6, 2018
Mine varies,
I don't have meds for it as I've been stable for a long time until today actually.
My dips last for a day up until months.

My fiance's can last for a week or so or months. He's on serotonin tablets x

I'm hoping yours don't last long. But if you need help or think it's not right,
then maybe going back to your doctors to find other ways to help you cope would be a good way?
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