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How long did it take you to accept your diagnosis



New member
Sep 24, 2021
United States
Personally, it took me four years of having the diagnosis to finally accept it. I thought I was too stable to be bipolar (nevermind the fact that I was taking mood stabilizers.) Self awareness isn't my strong suit haha


Active member
Sep 24, 2021
Mental health defence groups don't recognise such diagnoses.


Well-known member
Feb 27, 2020
Nashua NH
Personally, it took me four years of having the diagnosis to finally accept it. I thought I was too stable to be bipolar (nevermind the fact that I was taking mood stabilizers.) Self awareness isn't my strong suit haha
It took at least this long for me and sometimes even now I question it. xo, j


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Apr 19, 2019
I’m not sure that I accept any of my diagnosis for mental disorder. Isn’t it just a label? If I gave equal consideration for every disorder I was diagnosed with, I’d be a total basket case.


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Mar 28, 2021
When my meds worked after years of treatment for "depression and anxiety." I had been incorrectly treated with SSRIs for so long, Depakote was a huge relief and so was the bipolar 2 diagnosis that came with it. That diagnosis along with ADHD got me on a ton of meds for bipolar and ADHD, but they're working on the right things.


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Sep 20, 2021
Personally, it took me four years of having the diagnosis to finally accept it. I thought I was too stable to be bipolar (nevermind the fact that I was taking mood stabilizers.) Self awareness isn't my strong suit haha
Something like 3 years or more. I would take meds on and off and, of course, relapse. Till I accepted it...never stopped meds again.


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Jul 19, 2021
I knew I was bipolar for years before being diagnosed, because I am also autistic, have two fold C-PTSD, am not and never have been conformed to society media status quo and spent 14-16 years of my adult life only having incredibly positive experiences of bipolar, and alleged mental health professionals aren't at all good at getting proper and thorough mental health history or at asking the right questions in order to ascertain there a numerous comorbid conditions that if they are not aware of, affect their ability to diagnose and I have a quite unique culmination of conditions and have lived a very unique life away from society for the majority of my adult life.

Getting diagnosed took about 3 years, getting effective help, as in them having the ability and capacity to recognise all the comorbid conditions and understand how they interact with and affect each other, well that's proved impossible, they're simply not up to the job


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Forum Guide
Jun 16, 2020
After going through my childhood and adolescent years with constant anxiety, bouts of depression and mania, I very quickly came to accept my diagnosis as I was just happy to know what had caused me all this suffering. Other people may not have been so accepting though.
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