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how is life fair when we spend so much time hurting ??



Well-known member
Sep 26, 2017
ok , so having felt wrong inside since a little girl makes me really question this life , why im here , why ive had to hurt so much , why ive had to suffer , why ive had to be lonely , the purpose to my life , the purpose to pain if there is any which i can't see any .... my mum emotionally neglected me, she didn't think about her lack of affection and the way she was with me, her lack of behaviour towards me has left me with a lot of emptiness and low self esteem , i never felt right inside when i was a little kid and just to think hurting from being so young now i am 32 . .still hurting , still living a lie .. it hurts ... what is suffering about , there never seems to be a valid answer to this question , why so much pain has to come into your life