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How i OVERCAME pure OCD , Success Story.



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May 27, 2016
Hello everyone.

Im a person who has been strugling with pure ocd for more than 1 year , it was hell for me , and to be able to overcome it is something i never expected . it has been many months since i didnt feel anxiety . So please trust me and read my post , it will help you so much .
I think you're going to find what i'm saying very logical .

1) Acceptance / Anxiety

I'm going to talk about ANXIETY and how to overcome it . Now i dont know why something made you anxious in the first place but what i do know is how to overcome the anxiety ( i did it my self as i no longer feel the anxiety at all)

The normal response of someone who feels anxiety , is to do anything possible so as to not feel it , by listening to music or doing any other activity , NOT BECAUSE SOMEONE LIKES THAT ACTIVITY , BUT so as to avoid the anxiety and not feel it again .The person doesnt want to to feel or remember the anxiety provoking thought .

Now when you avoid something , you're sending the message to your brain on all levels ,CONSCIOUSLY and NONCONSCIOUSLY that you fear that thing , and you are sensitizing yourself more and more. Your brain pays more attention to the ting that makes you anxious
Now if you accept something , you're telling to your brain : fine , im accepting the anxiety , im accepting this feeling , i let you think about this " anxiety provoking thought " AT ANY TIME , im giving you space in my brain and at any time i can think about these anxiety provoking thoughts and i give you freedom to remind me of these thoughts AT ANY TIME, im in total ACCEPTANCE.

When you really ACCEPT the anxiety provoking thoughts ( and that takes time and practice ) ,you're going to see a huge difference in ur anxiety levels , ur anxiety will drop down SO MUCH.

Here i am going to say it , this is NOT a trick , its NOT being optimistic and its NOT a Placebo effect , because maybe you may say " its just a placebo affect , and expecting something good to happen , will happen , because im positive " but that doesnt work in anxiety , expecting the anxiety to vanish doesnt work , at least that never worked for me , and i dont know anyone who overcame his anxiety in that way .The acceptance thing is just a LOGICAL understanding of how our brain works. And here i am , after doing the acceptance thing , i have no longer anxiety since many months.
Our brain is simple , when you avoid and escape things , you sensitize your self without knowing it , you make your anxiety worse , instead of trying to forget the anxiety thought, you're doing the opposite .

2) The obsession

Now im going to talk about the " obsession" part , i mean the obsessive thinking about the thought.
If i tell you don't think about a Lion , like REALLY DONT !
Probably , you'll think about the lion more than if you didnt try to forget the lion.
Each time you remind yourself to not think about the lion , you'll find yourself thinking about it.
" The more you try to not think about something , paradoxicaly , the more you'll think about it "
When someone doesnt want to remember a thought , he's doing the exact opposite , the effort we make to not think about something , makes us think about it more and more.

Now if you add this simple understanding : that trying not to think about something will make you think about it more , AND that the thought makes you feel ANXIOUS as hell . What do you expect ? trying to forget the thought is going to be HARDER than to forgert a normal thought ( ex:lion ) . I mean that's NORMAL .

Another thing i' d like to talk about : You may have read that your ocd is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain but that's not true ! I myself , believed this too , but i found out that it wasnt the case.
If you search about the cause of depression , you'll find everywhere that depression is caused by a chemical imbalance in your brain , a Serotonin imbalance caused your depressive mood . But wait a second
As an example : If someone is depressed because he lost his mother , was it because of his loss of his mother that he is depressed or was it the " chimical imbalance " that caused his depression ?
Similar example , when you think about very sad events and get depressed , is the low serotonine in your brain THE CAUSE behind your depressed mood , or is the low serotonin A REACTION since you were thinking about sad events. WHAT I WANT TO SAY is that i overcame pure ocd WITHOUT MEDICATION ,as i always believed it was a psychological problem .

3) Energy

i have read many times on forums that the way to overcome anxiety is by eating the right food and doing sport and avoiding caffeine or other stuffs that will trigger your anxiety .
im sorry but i dont find any of these things logical at all .when you have anxiety the problem is not in your food , or because you missed some vitamin D , or you dont do sport . The problem is psychological , you get anxiety ONLY when exposed to the thing that makes you anxious .

And i did test this on myself to see if what im saying is right or wrong . I tried this for many days ( during the last month ) , and i was like : at this moment i dont have anxiety , lets try taking HUGE amount of caffeine and see if its gonna make me feels anxious towards the thought that made me anxious in the past , and guess what ? IT DIDNT .Yes , the cafeine made my heart beat faster , but ITS VERY DIFFERENT , my heart beat faster after drinking alot of coffe and energy drinks WHILE doing normal activities like pc and tv , and NO my heart didnt beat faster when i thought about what made anxious in the past . I thought about what made me anxious in the past , and i didnt feel that my heart beat faster when i thought about the anxious thought of the past .

ITS VERY DIFFERENT , i was like , its impossible that food , like cafeine is what would make me anxious or that avoinding some food and doing sport is the solution of my problem , because if that's the case then i should have anxiety WHEN I EXPOSE MY SELF TO ANY RANDOM THING , i should have an anxiety attack when i expose myself to some random things if thats true . And its not the case , there is THIS TRIGGER , THE THOUGHT that made me anxious in the past .

And i swear that i didnt do sport for the last months , and i didnt take food that will calm my anxiety or something like that . All what i did was EAT NORMAL and sleep like any NORMAL PERSON , because i knew the problem was psychological and that it has nothing to do with food or sport . YES FOOD , SLEEP AND SPORT will make you stay in a good shape , you'll get a lot of energy , so as to focuse and FACE your psychological problem and overcome it , but its not the CURE of your problem , its very different .

All of what i said worked for me to overcome pure ocd and not feel the anxiety at all . I thank alot Steven Phillipson, Ph.D. Dr. Thanks to his video , i was able to undestand how pure ocd works , the majority of what i said , was thanks to his video , since he explained how the brain of someone who has pure ocd works , and i concluded how to overcome pure ocd myself .

To sum up = ACCEPTANCE is the key , and not because its some magical trick , but its based on how our brain works as i explained in the first part.

I hope that all of you will overcome your anxiety problem , know that it's possible , im an example of someone who overcame pure OCD . Please share this with other people so that they can benefit from it , and have a wonderful day people :)


Jun 13, 2016
i have pure ocd and i will say acceptance and mindfulness is key, although im still not there yet
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