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How I overcame my anxiety/ Pure O



Active member
Nov 17, 2013
All my life I've suffered from Social anxiety, but about a year ago, it's when stuff started to get scary. It started out of nowhere really. I think it may have been because of the cannabis I was smoking.

I don't remember to clearly, but what I do remember is that I started having strange thoughts and fears. I went to watch a movie with my friends (5 of us lived together)
At this point I was already panicking. As I watched the show I started fearing I would become a murderer, than it slowballed, into fearing people would think I'm gay. To dirty thoughts with my family members. Every fear become my fear. Thinking that everything was a compulsion. Every escape I thought of in my mind, to do something to counter what I was thinking only lead to more thoughts which created fear.

So in desperation, I googled strategies and found mindfullness.

1 year later, I still have these thoughts, (not as much as before)
All fear related to my thoughts have gone.

All I did was let all thoughts go through my head. This was hard at the beggining, Because you felt almost compulsed to prove that you are not these things.

Slowly the thoughts got weaker. When I felt intense fear for no reason. All I done was focus on my body. Let the thought go through my head, than back to my body.

Of course new thoughts came into my head, telling my why this won't work, and that somehow It will turn into a compulsion and I won't stop focusing on my body for the rest of my life. (ROFL)

Eventually after doing this for a while. I gave up. I said I don't care what happens anymore, anything that happens I'm just gonna let it be.

AMAZING. The way I speak with people has improved. Memory has improved fear has been reduced. Concentration improved. Very aware of both mind and body.

It feels like no matter what I feel I can sit through it.

I'm not completely cured. Though the thought of never been cured doesn't scare me.
Why? Because the thoughts might aswell not be there. They are almost gone. :)

I feel invincible, I feel like I've conquered the world.
No matter what is thrown my way into life, I'll always be present.

Pure 0, social anxiety(Avoidant personality Disorder)
I avoid nothing. I don't even think about the thoughts anymore, I don't avoid fear. Thoughts about the future which use to scared me do still effect me but the control I have and the knowing that I do not have to respond to my thoughts to act.

This is the best and maybe only way to cure any anxiety, fear, doubts.

Please do this. DO not say this is not for you. This is the way out.


Jul 21, 2013
Heya Antenex, Welcome to the forum.

I have social anxiety too and have been trying something very similar to what you wrote, but I kinda put it on the back burner recently. Good to know you have had success with it.



New member
Nov 23, 2013
Yep. It really is the answer for pure OCD/anxiety. A one word cure - "Mindfulness". I suffered for over 20 years before discovering mindfulness last year and yes it is hard a first but please PLEASE be persistent and don't give up. After observing your thoughts for a couple days you will start dis-associating yourself with the thoughts. You will stop attaching yourself to the thoughts. Mindfulness is a miracle.