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How i got bipolar disroder



Jun 7, 2019
Hi m new here
Well m gonna tell you my story cause i m lost , i had depression like 6 years ago and i didnt go to a doctor till 2 years after i had depression when i started to hear voices in my head which was because Ouija , i played it and i believed in it then i started to believe that the thing in ouija is true and moved to my head , i went to a doctor after 2 years she diagnosed me with bipolar disorder , and i went to other doctors who said that i have schizophrenia from the first seance which i found weird , so tell me is it normal to hear voices if you have bipolar disorder , ps: after less than 1 year of treatement the voices stopped , and i really relate to bipolar disorder , also my doctor said that i dont have bipolar disorder anymore but i feel like i get excited alot sometimes is it normal , and for my depression episodes i grt sad sometimes because shit happens , really m lost lately . I hope u share with me


Well-known member
Apr 13, 2018
When looking at bipolar affective disorder, schizoaffective disorder and schizophrenia they lie along a spectrum I've learned through the years from my own experience and doctors. I've been previously diagnosed with living with bipolar and now schizoaffective disorder; who knows what labels will be thrown at me in the future!

The same labels categorisation must apply to many more people living with mental illness as they move through the mental illness spectrum or to the healthy state which is rare once more than 2 episode occurrences, unfortunately.