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How I beat my addictions

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Dec 3, 2019
Carriere Ms
While I was successful in going cold Turkey following years of alcoholism and addiction to Cocaine and meth I was not able to quit Doctor prescribed Seroquel being 800mg per day for several years since each time I tried the result was always the same, becoming very physically sick to the point of wishing I would die. 5 days ago I decided to try using CBD oil after reading where it has proven beneficial to some people who were trying to get off of opiates. With nothing to loose I purchased a bottle of full spectrum high potency CBD oil and today I am celebrating 5 days without Seroquel, I did experience 3 bouts of withdrawals that were relatively minor and only lasted maybe 15 minutes, each of these 3 times I took an additional 25mg of CBD and again within maybe 15 minutes I felt fine. I have also experienced 5 truly restful nights of full uninterrupted sleep. For me the Choice of trying the CBD route has left me an awe and feeling like a whole new person. I also lost the constantly swollen stomach that I dealt with while on the Seroquel after only 2 days.


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Jan 5, 2011
I am pleased it worked for you but it wouldn't for everyone and we strongly advocate that people see a doctor before going off their psych meds. Its very dangerous for some people to come off them and can result in a return full force of their MH problems. You took it for other reasons so maybe that had something to do with it.

You have done well so I am genuinely in awe of your ability to get clean so effectively.