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How has issolation affected your routine and mood



Feb 14, 2020
Not sure if this goes here or into the corona virius thread but it's nothing to do with the virius more how are people managing with the lockdown and lack of routine.

I've been on lockdown for 2 weeks now due to being classed as high risk luckily I can work from home with full pay so I am fortunate to not have any money worries etc.

What I have found is that because I dont have to see anyone or leave the house all self care has gone out the window. Not that it was much good before. I'm spending up to a week wearing and sleeping in the same clothing without showering or brushing my teeth. I've missed several days medication as I cant be bothered to take it even though I know this is bad.

Wondering if anyone else is having the same issues and how they are counteracting it. I live alone which unfortunatly makes it much easier to get away with slacking off


Well-known member
Dec 17, 2018
California, US
Hi. I've been in shelter in place for two weeks as well, many of the same challenges. I feel disorganized and fallen back on some maladaptive coping techniques. I want you to know you're not alone, I'm struggling too.

Sudden changes and having to adapt quickly is a tremendous challenge for anyone I think, though in particular to we who live with mental health conditions. I'm balancing change and acceptance. For me, it looks like this:

Two weeks isn't a long time. I need to give myself a break and acknowledge that it's about experimentation now: seeing what works. Start slowly, adapt gradually. I'm not setting out to reinvent Bizzarebitrary.

I'm establishing new routines to replace the old. I'm reminding myself that self cares are for me and routines, structure, rituals play an importance role in living life the way I want.

I'll change outfits after I wake. Because humor and irony helps me cope, this may mean changing out of my sleeping pajamas... and into my all-day-wearing pajamas.

I'm participating in a lot of video conference meeting with friends, work, support groups. This provides structure, connection, socializing and another comeplling reason to continue self cares like shaving, showering, dressing.

I'm acknowledging the need for structure in my leisure time too by separating time for book reading, tv watching, internet doodling, creative activity, socializing.

Each-day-do-one-thing productive at home. That can be reducing the clutter in my dwelling by going through a box or bag of old stuffs. Wash dishes by hand. Laundry. Responding to emails, letters. Because I need to feel productive.

I'm combining two essentials for my mental health by going outside and walking for a mile or two. Because I need to feel the air on my face and be without walls for a bit.

I'm reminding myself that I'm resilient. I define that word as ability to get back up after I fall. Obviously I need to fall first before I can get up and so I'm being gentle with the "should"-ing all over myself. When I do fall, I'll try to fall forward rather than back.

How will you create structure for your days, what routines might you adopt to foster a sense of structure? What self cares can you connect with your values, so that they seem to make sense in this uncertain time?
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