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How has Depression Effected Your Career?



Oct 2, 2015
I still quite often find that I am in the middle of a slump only when I am in it and don't see any build up. I often get down about things and don't think much of it and then realise that behaviour has impacted other areas of my life.

I wondered how depression has effected your career?

Since I had my first bout of long-term depression I haven't wanted to push myself to go the extra mile at work. I have not been interested in getting in early, studying, learning, listening, staying late etc. Granted I don't think I am the most studious out there but I am stubborn and resilient in many things but in others I have no appetite.

I certainly find that I worry a lot about my health now and the last thing I want to do is push my body. I think it is stopping me in my current role and I think it is stopping me from pushing myself to go and explore the bigger and better challenges that are no doubt out there waiting.


I've lost several jobs, one my vocation that I'd trained hard and got into debt for, due to mh stuff, depression, paranoia etc. Lost confidence, motivation and point.


Jan 15, 2013
It's ruined mine totally.

I was about to become a Manager when the depression went from mild that I could deal with to the severe that I now have.