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How extreme is this high/manic spell?



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Mar 20, 2010
How extreme is this high/manic spell?
I am 22 and live in Glasgow. I was given an anti-psychotic called Olanzapine for high/manic mood the other week by my psychiatrist. i see him again in two weeks time. Anyway i have still be feeling like this for the past several weeks. I have wrote down how i have been feeling since i last seen him so on the next appointment i show it to him. I am going to write it down here. This is what i have written. How extreme is this?

"My thoughts have been racing a hundred miles an hour. Feels like 20 people talking at once, Music and scenes from movies and ideas about starting businesses going through my head. I can't concentrate.My talking is very fast and feels pressured at times. I can't help it.I stayed up the other week for 3 days in a row. I had so much energy. I feel ontop of the world. I feel invincible. I feel like God.I had a spending spree where i spent all my bill money on a lot of rubbish, stuff i don't need.


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Jun 15, 2008
North West
It's not easy for any of us to judge how extreme this is - it's about how this is for you, how this makes you feel.

I do think it is a great idea, however, to show what you have written at your next appointment. I write things down because my mind goes blank, or I can often be too anxious when I am going to an appointment

Good luck :flowers:
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