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How does it feel to take lithium



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Sep 24, 2012
Just started taking it, what can I expect and how long do you take notice of the effects?

Celtic Class

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Aug 25, 2012
I have been on it for six months with few problems and benefits - I can function now. I think it is important to take extra unsweetened fluids and possibly take your dose at same time each day (I am not good at that bit). Occasionally I have felt a little sick and had an upset tummy. Not too bad. My hair came out a bit but I think it is starting to slow down. It is giving me another chance at life x


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Jan 16, 2012
North Yorkshire
Takes a while to get going so don't give up hope. It can take months to take effect, and of course during that time you'll have to put up with constant trips to have your blood taken.

I've also had a few stomach problems. Very bad sometimes but mostly bearable.

You'll probably have symptoms on it, but they are usually not as extreme - and even when they get bad they don't last as long. So, it makes it possible to cope. I had my last bad episode in February - had a month off work and honestly went back a bit too soon. Started lithium about then. Took months to do anything. Keeps my hypomania pretty much in check now though. Not so good on the depression, but more good hours/days than I used to have and when the inevitable very dark days come along - fairly frequently - they don't get drawn out into weeks and months like they used to.

Good luck with it - hope it works for you :)


Apr 2, 2013
Is Lithium preferable to serouquel do you find? and if so why, thanks



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Jan 16, 2012
North Yorkshire
Is Lithium preferable to serouquel do you find? and if so why, thanks


Hi Poppy,

Loads better than seroquel for me - no sedation with lithium, plus whilst seroquel is supposed to be antipsychotic, I don't think it worked terribly well for me in that respect. Lithium isn't antipsychotic, but keeps me stable enough that my symptoms don't develop into psychosis. :)


How does it feel? ...It feels very normal. That's what I like about Lithium.

It does hurt the body, there's no real way around that I don't think.

But, like others, it has also given me my life back. Things are far from perfect, but for the first time in years they're alright.

I rate Lithium very highly.

Poppy - Seroquel for me is useless. Lithium is totally preferable. There's no comparison really; I find Lithium just so much better.

Seroquel just knocks me out, that's all it really does. I can't live life being knocked out all the time. Occasionally when needed, OK, I have a drug regime for that. But not all the time.
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May 24, 2009
Dark side of the moon
I also rate Lithium highly. Started on it in 1995 and was fine - no side effects, apart from a little weight gain.
Came off it in 2000 -2001 (because my p.doc had read a report that it could make arthritis worse) tried another mood stabiliser (did not take it seriously and 'messed' around taking it), went totally psychotic in 2003 and ended up sectioned for 10 months. Back on it and this time the weight gain is pretty bad, but not sure if that is all down to Lithium. I know it can cause damage to your body, but my body is pretty messed up anyway with arthritis and a dodgy ticker, so for me I will always take Lithium - to be honest I dare not!


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Jun 26, 2009
Been on it 3-4 years no notable side effects, now on 500mg month range always 0.5 good for me. I do notice my hair may be slightly thinner round the front. I don't take it the same time each night I should do but I take it every night night not the morning. I try to cut down tea, maybe one or two (max) cups a day and you are meant to have more salt, I also really should drink more water. No weight gain I lost it all. How does it make me feel - I have good days like today where now my head feels clear and I am productive, and the odd few days where I get a "cloudy head" you know when you just feel flat and too much on your mind. But the doc says that could just be anxiety not the bipolar at all - so can not be proven if it is from the lithium then. All in all I am stable since recovery, and I worry about long terms effects but am on the minimum possible dose so its better to be safe than sorry for now. Id say give it a go, just make sure you don't skip doses. I do that sometimes if I go out and have a few drinks! And it can take a few months for meds to work most effectively

Only thing I hate is the blood tests, they come around so fast when you have been on it a few years then its like hello hospital blood nurses- hmm I recognize you
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