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How do you hold down a job whilst doing DBT therapy?



Active member
Feb 16, 2018
Hello. I hope everyone is having a good day.

I'm 23 and used to work as a research assistant at a university, but I've been in and out of mental health hospitals for a while and couldn't work there anymore.

I'm doing DBT therapy now to treat my self harm and suicidal behaviour, but it's getting in the way of me finding a job, as I have to be in hospital for the entire day on Tuesdays, doing an individual session and then a group session.

I was wondering how many people doing DBT work, and how they have got around this? I've had numerous interviews, and all jobs want me to be flexible, and they're not very happy with me saying that I cant work Tuesdays. Are they allowed to ask me why I need to be in hospital, because some of them have done this.

It makes me feel even more useless that I don't have a job. I'm pretending all the time to these people that I think I'm worth it, when I don't really believe it and rejection stings so much. Half the time I think what's the point of getting a job when I'll be dead soon, and half the time I'm thinking that if I have a job I'll feel better.

Thank you. =)


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Nov 3, 2015
When I have had time off work on sick, I have ended up looking for jobs and getting stressed until I've found one. I realise now that I never gave myself time to recover properly as I went into work too quickly.

Why don't you allow yourself to take some time off and finish off your DBT. I now it's hard financially, but sometimes we need to take out and when we do get back into work, we are much better mentally and less likely to become unwell again.


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Staff Member on Leave
Jun 16, 2015
depends on what time I post.
Being a research assistant is a pretty important job, do you mind asking why you can't go back to doing that?

I work as a full time lecturer and have every Friday morning off, it is written into my contract that university cannot penalise me for this or any medical/psych appointments I attend.

As long as they know you can't do it why is not working Tuesdays a problem? Can you possibly work 4 days or do full time hours over 4 days. Some of our staff work 8-6 4 days a week, if they want flexibility then give them options. There are 7 days in a week not 5, can you work Saturdays or Sundays, or work one from home?
It will not be forever, DBT is time limited therapy. Don't mention it it the interview, when you go for OH clearance they will be better and know that DBT is short term anyway.
If you are offered a job and then refused on OH grounds you have a good claim for Disability discrimination.

I need to be away some days for therapy. This therapy helps me and will keep me working to the best I can and it's not life long (well just yet) and the university know that and have from the start.