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How do you feel when not hearing voices?



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Sep 12, 2016
When not hearing voices I find my time is not occupied. My voices are a little different then others. Mine were unfolding stories last time I heard them. The stories would carry on for days and weeks and even months.

Their story of how time dilation worked was the craziest. They claimed that after 14 billion years of the universe every previous planet that had evolved like earth eventually went extinct. The planets that were evolved popped up about every 37 years. The horror stories of how these planets ended were terrifying. They claimed there was so much pain in the universe that all the matter in the universe was about to collapse into a single black hole. This meant that the matter we are made of are universe's that had undergone this collapse. A ghost could jump in and out of such a universe and experience time dilation of almost indescribable number's of years as well as smaller numbers like thousands of years. It messed with me good. The opposing armies would shoot time dilation at each other through a lens and ghosts would instantly come back from what was a time dilation length of 10^10,000 number of years or longer.

Anyways, How do you feel when not hearing voices?


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Forum Safety Team
May 6, 2017
I feel at peace and happy, but those moments are very very rare for me, my voice is obsessed with filling as many minutes with as much talking as possible.

It might not be so bad if it had anything decent to say but a good 85% of what it says is just begging for me to pay attention to it and whining about the situation it created for itself.

The other 15% is divided between singing, fantasizing, saying my name over and over at least 20-30 times a day and saying aloud any word I see so I don't have to verbalise in my mind what I read as my voice does it for me.


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Sep 12, 2016
Pretty good 🙂

When I hear voices, I'm quite different. Difficult to be smiley and respond to things.
I agree but without voices i feel the same old lonliness feeling. With them I feel much worse at times when they make me paranoid.


Active member
Dec 14, 2020
Austin, TX
It's nice when I don't hear voices most of the time that it happens.
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