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How do you experiance and cope with confution?



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Mar 13, 2015
In Norway we learn that psycosis is "a state of confution".:scared:

I t would be interresting to me and maybe others how different people experience and cope with this - apart from antipsycotic medication...

I play chess to cope, and I clean and tidy the appartment...

Kenneth, Norway.
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Oct 21, 2014
Hi Kenneth

At the moment I am not taking any antipsychotic drugs. I just live with the psychotic experiences. I am trying to take a different approach, accepting the things I experience. It is hard at times. I suffer a lot from depression and that makes everything harder to deal with, because it means I don't function well even at a basic level.

I have tried a lot,of,drugs, but they haven't helped me, and I suffered badly from side effects.
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