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how do you cope?



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Oct 9, 2009
I’ve come here to post as I’m a bit confused about things and would like your help I guess? How do you cope with it, when others say that your psychotic, yet you know something is real? I know about this research that is being done on me, yet when I speak to people about they tell me I’m wrong. The professionals that I see say they are treating me for psychosis. I’m not sure what to do really. This started a few years ago, when I was in a hospital for some emotional problems I was going through and these people implanted a neural device into my brain to monitor my thoughts. Since then they have been monitory my thoughts and activities for their research. Extensive knowledge on the behaviour of humans is regarded as essential if their plan for World Domination, Totalitarianism and Full Dictatorship is to succeed. Somehow they are going to know how to take full control over the population of the World. I do fear that the knowledge and technology may be far more advanced than I already know. This was going to happen eventually. I think it’s to do with the survival of the fittest - the division (experiments/research) that I fall into. By them monitoring certain people, they can see which defects make a person struggle significantly in life and what attributes help them flourish. I mean getting to know how people work in an intricate way, when it’s not possible for ANY barriers to be built. I went to the police station to report this, but they more or less just dismissed it, they actually turned round and said they could take me to the hospital. I was hoping the could help. There is a transmitter outside my window and they have been using this to put me through a lot of physical pain. I’m finding things really hard at the moment. I’m just not motivated to do anything. I don’t want to be bored though, but I just don’t know what to do. They keep making me think all the time. I know others view this as psychosis, but how comes, if I’m taking the meds, I still know it’s the truth. I’m just getting confused. What am I meant to do? I guess somewhere something inside of me is questioning it, because people keep telling me I’m wrong, but why? I don’t understand, I feel and know I’m right and I’m scared. I’m scared about this war. I’m scared about the pain they’re putting me through.


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Jul 16, 2009
Hi spiral
Sounds like a typical case of "paranoid schizophrenia"
In saying that i don't want to trivialize what you are experiencing and that there could be very real meaning in what you are experiencing.
I suffered from a similar delusion my self years ago.I was told it was my mind playing tricks on me and i used to ignore it the best i could or at least not talk about it to other people.Over time the thoughts subsided and i wasn't so concerned/consumed by it all.


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finding meaning

Hi there. I have great sympathy with your situation and I can only guess at the torment and frustration you've had to suffer and continue to suffer because of it.

I have had similar experiences in the past and it was, at times, very frightening.

The thing to remember about 'psychosis' is that it is indistinguisable from 'reality' - if it wasn't, it wouldn't be psychosis.

This means that the experiences, fears, sensations are just as 'real' to you as any other experiences, fears, sensations. The problems start when no one else can find any tangible evidence. And, of course, a big part of reality testing comes through validation from another person outside of us.

For instance, if you think your hand is swollen you have to validate it with another person. If you have suspicions that someone has stolen from you, you have to offer your story to another person or persons and collectively the plausibility of your story can be tested and measured.

Testing reality through the independent assessment of other people is the key here:

"I have 3 legs." But we can only see two.
"I am Jesus." We can see no divine light or ability.
"There is a chip in my brain controlling my thoughts." If a technology existed that was able to do that, why would it allow you to be aware of its influence, if it controlled your awareness?

I read somewhere once that psychosis itself was a constant throughout the generations of humankind; but the content of psychosis often reflected the fears and anxieties of each generation in one individual.

Your fear of mind control and chips in the brain and totalitarian police state are fears that are very much of this time. Could it be that these collective fears are manifested in you? In a way you are dramatising the collective fears of a generation, almost as a symbolic beacon of warning and expression?

I'm offering all this as food for thought. I hope it helps. Take care.