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How do you cope with despair?



Apr 5, 2015
Valley of dry bones
Do you ever feel like the depression will never go away and will always get in the way of living your life? Do you ever feel like your life has no purpose or meaning? How do you cope with all of the fears and uncertainty of living with a mental illness?


Jul 30, 2012
Yes. Yes.

Somewhere along the line mania kicks in and I feel wonderful again and all is good that is good in the world, and all that is bad fades into the background.

I cope with fear and uncertainty by not giving it much mental energy. Instead I take risks which often back-fire. The way I look at it is there is very little logical point bemoaning my mortality and how shit everything is when in reality it's only shit because I'm not acknowledging how short life is and wasting time focusing on the bad things, when there is far more that is good.

There is very little to be gained from being a mardy arse, although I am sometimes a mardy arse. I don't believe people are born mardy arses. It's what life has done to them. A sense of humour helps. As does a respect for levity.

The best way to deal with fear and uncertainty is accept it as a fundamental and necessary part of life and to learn to enjoy the adrenalin rush.


Well-known member
Nov 13, 2013
Where flowers bloom
Yes, I do feel like that, quite often. How do I cope? I try to distract myself from negative thoughts and escape through music, art, and sleep. This forum helps me so much. I don't feel alone when I'm here. I feel accepted and embraced.
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