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How do reach out for help when I can't speak about it out loud?



New member
Mar 6, 2021
Denton, Tx
I wonder will I feel anything today or will it be another grey day. Flashes of causing myself pain. Each day they get a little stronger. I can't stay motivated long enough to get help. All of my friends have given up on me and I don't blame them. I exist to provide for my kids but I'm slowly crumbling apart and someday nothing will be left. I'm listening to sad songs just to feel something and no tears come. There is a ball in my stomach that I want stab and tear open. I open my mouth but no words come out.


Well-known member
Feb 17, 2021
Oklahoma City
Hey, I'm sorry you're going through all that. In my experience, talking about things helps a ton, but I hear you on opening your mouth but no words coming out. Sometimes, the ear of a stranger can be cathartic, so I'll say this: if you ever need to vent, feel free to message me or reach out to someone else on here, for instance. It's online so you don't have to speak and nobody knows you so nobody can reasonably judge you. Not that they should, anyhow. I hope things get better for you, my well wishes for ya.
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