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How Do I Tell My Psychiatrist?



I think I'm slipping again. There are
Days where if I don't have to be anywhere
My self care skills are out the window.
2 days at the most. When I don't have
Dr appointments, or doing something
With my parents. My therapist knows.
We just don't know what to tell her bc
I've only seen her a handful of times.
I've been with my therapist for 10
Years. I'm scared my psychiatrist will
Make me go in patient. I don't think my
Therapist thinks I need inpatient.
But Im scared of my psych.
How should I tell her what's going on?
There are times I'm suicidal. But, not always.
Mania episodes are more frequent,
Making me want to self harm daily but
I'm not. Which is one reason I'm tired.
I'm stuck. I need advice. Help.....:cry2:


Well-known member
Jul 8, 2013
The Prancing Pony
Why are you scared of your psych?
At the end of the day the psych is there to decide whether you need medical help, but most of the time they dole out medications.


I haven't seen her that many times.
Don't trust her yet.


I hope it's just a med adjustment.
I do feel a couple things could be
Increased. I really don't want inpatient.
I'm not suicidle 100% of the time.
But the anxiety isn't good either.
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