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How do I politely get screened for Borderline? (United Kingdom).



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Apr 30, 2015
Hi there,

Basically I've attended a few sessions with mental health professionals and the possibility of a mood disorder has been mentioned, I was given a Bi-polar mood diary, however I found that my moods changed too quickly and I didn't really have days where I could rank the whole day as one thing.

I suspect borderline as when I was a child I grew up in an area where my father had bad history, all of the other children hated me because of his history, although I didn't learn what he had done till I was in my twenties. I had myself convinced back then there was something bad about me, that's why I was hated, and ever since find it hard to find and maintain friends.

I know mental health professionals don't like self diagnosis, but I feel that it is worth me being screened, at worst it would eliminate one possibility. I don't them to feel like I'm telling them their job though, so is there a good way to approach this.

I have an appointment with a crisis centre soon, as I recently attempted suicide, my girlfriend has to watch me till then, but it would be great if when I go to the appointment I could get them to look at the possibility, I just feel knowing is half the battle.

Thanks for any help.


Just play it by ear.

I once was convinced I was BPD and emparted this with my psychiatrist, she said I don't even have one single trait of BPD or Psychopathy.


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Aug 23, 2011
I have been diagnosed with cyclothymia about 5 years ago and recently with BPD my mood can change in 5 minutes it has always been like this so maybe they just checking a lot of the symptoms do cross over.


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Aug 8, 2013
Honestly? You don't need to be screened for BPD. They will be screening you for everything anyway (except certain learning disabilities and Aspergers, which they tend to be ignorant about). In my experience, they particularly enjoy labelling any symptom/action/thought as "BPD" as it can be something of a get-out clause for them. There is huge stigma around BPD (sorry) and common misconceptions eg. "They're just attention-seeking" because people dont seem to get that someone can feel that bad. In a time when services are ridiculously overstretched they will be more eager to dismiss something as "just" BPD, so will gladly give you the label. Even if you don't fit the symptom profile properly. This is one disorder that you DON'T need to be screened for, except if you're trying to convince them you don't have it! (I don't have it according to all their screening tools, still get lumbered with the stigma.)

Also, "knowing" you "have BPD" doesn't mean much or help much. Its not a disease that you can take pills to cure, it's merely a loose name for a collection of feelings and behaviours that relate to your life and experiences - having the label "BPD" doesn't solve anything.