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How do I make morning



New member
May 14, 2009
Shropshire UK
Tonite's the place i have not been to in so long im so alone frightened and really at the end all that has kept me fighting even though still there seems to of lost its meaning to me my lovley wife my gorgeous daughter I look at them and feel numb and no emotion just sorrow that they have me in there life and right now i want out not from them but me how do i still be here for them in the morning
bubbling under

bubbling under

Well-known member
May 29, 2009
You be here for them because you 'not' being here would be a bad thing for them too sweetie....be strong:hug:


Such a lovely expression bubbling under, I agree mistralcot, I hope by being here you can find some empathy and support and it will help you get through take care JD


Often we think that others perceive us as we perceive ourselves, when that is not likely to be the case. I feel when you feel like this it is good to look at the evidence, they are still here with you, they have not turned away. People don't often stay with people they don't want to.
When I have been so low, I have often viewed having loving people around me that I care about as a bind, preventing me from 'wanting out' of myself. But they can also be sources of support and encouragement and integral to recovery. I thought that I would always be reliant on my family and friends, that I would bring them down, I could not see an end to feeling like this, so thought it would be better for them if I wasn't around anymore. I thought i'd be doing them a favour. But they stuck by me, because unlike me they were not experiencing the oppressive negative feelings I was having and could see 'a light at the end of the tunnel' that I thought never existed.
I'm much better now, and so much has happened in my life since, i've had so many wonderful experiences that I would have missed out on if I had my way back then. I realise now that I was not so reliant on my family, and that in fact they needed me as much as needed them to be around, that even in my darkest moments, I was giving as well as receiving, something I found so hard to accept back then. :hug:
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