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How Do I Know - Self Harm To Calm Anxiety



I am psychically shaking badly. My sleep Meds
Aren't working. I'm wanting to self harm to stop
From shaking but, I'm not suicidal.
How do I know if I need to go to the
ER? I'm almost to the point I cant
Handle it. Maybe I should give in.


I just need opinions and advice.
I'm going to call the hospital and see
How busy they are.
Should I go? I've been feeling like
This for quite a while.


My therapist just emailed me several times.
Calmed me down. We are going to talk
About Meds and stuff next weeks
Session. We emailed about 5 times.
She is the best.


She said I'm a little manic, caused fm all
The stress lately. Not full blown thank


Well-known member
Nov 13, 2013
Where flowers bloom
I'm glad your therapist was able to calm you down. I hope that stress is reduced soon, and that you can find relief in healthy ways and enjoy peace. :hug1:


Nov 25, 2014
Im sorry youre highly stressed, its not a good feeling. I hope you managed to calm enough to get a few hours rest atleast, my experience recently of hospitals has been slow and just increased stress levels but sometimes it needs to be done :hug5:
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