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How do I get these thoughts out of my head!!!!!!



New member
Nov 24, 2021
Last Thursday I was trying to go to sleep listening to some music and a song came on and I remembered that musician had passed away a couple years ago. So I google their name and when I saw a picture of him I started crying so hard...and haven't been able to stop since then. I didn't even know this guy and through more research I found that he killed himself. There are not many pictures of him and from that one picture, I could see the sadness in his eyes and omg I just feel so fucking sad and horrible I wish I had helped him, I have listened to his music for so many years and never thought of following his social medias etc. where he apparently had said he was not in a good place and was struggling mentally. If I knew I would've messaged him and helped him, sent him letters, gifts.

I can't stop thinking about him. About others who have died from mental health issues. I am going crazy, I started researching if there was any way to bring dead people back and whether time travel to the past is possible (physics related videos there's only one physicist who is actually working on this, it's really difficult to go back and you can't really go back to before when time travel machine was set up which upsets me even more).

All they needed was someone to hug & tell them how much they cared and loved them I loved his music i just can't believe he's gone even though I've know for a while but after seeing his face I've been a mess.....I can't stop thinking about death. What's the point of living and having experiences so we can JUST have memories and fucking die at the end I don't fucking get it. I have cried so much over this as if someone close to me have died.

I've been depressed my whole life, I can't really recall any happy memories, I'm always mad, sad, anxious blah blah. I have a bf, and one friend yet I feel so lonely and sad. I keep thinking about death and about him. I wasn't suicidal before but in these past 6 days I briefly thought about it. I go into a trance like state thinking about death, the earth, the universe, all these people on earth, what the fuck are we doing here, my body feels light like i'm floating and not even touching the ground, I feel really fucking weird inside.... I wish I hadn't fucking searched his name up


Nov 22, 2021
It sounds like you are going down a subject path mentally. It is when you look up someones name, then find out that they died, then found out they commited suicide. Then from the you do things to replicate that person's feelings or emotions. You are may have emotions towards that singer. This happens a lot when we are kids or have close friends. We do thing like them to better the situation. This is why you may have thought about suicide a couple of times. Be honest with the situation, and strive through, and it will go away!


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Oct 27, 2020
Orleans vermont.
I had a similar experience after seeing the suicide of a 12 year old girl. Took months to get her out of my head. Turns out she made a hell of an impact on me and to this day I still think of her. I swore to never forget her like she thought the world would. I spent a ton of time looking for proof of ghosts and life after death so I could talk to her.

Here's a little on time travel. Time is the 4th dimension. This means x is a horizontal line, y is a vertical line and z is a depth line. 3 dimensions that we live in. If you were to travel alone the fourth, call it b, you would be moving away from x, y and z unless you could precisely follow b backwards. Even if you do upon exiting the time machine b will split into a new time line. You will have in essence moved into another 3 dimensional universe parallel to the time line you followed back. Because of that time travel is more like dimensional travel unless you are only a witness. Changing anything at all will put you into parallel universe.

The best way to think about time is to think of it as a shape. Start with a cube then stretch it through time. You can trace a straight line through 3d space along time as one line only but a cube is made up of countless lines stacked on eachother. You would be falling through layers as you moved. It's insanely complicated. Youtube has videos that explain it better if you look for dimension explanations.
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