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How do I cope with my partner?



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Mar 28, 2010
My partner and I have been together for five years although we had a break from each other for a year as he got diagonised with NPD and he was and still is in denial of his condition. I did try to support him when I found out but he went interstate to start a new life with his then online "friend" and her family of six kids. So I remained loyal and a supportive friend until he returned to town three weeks later and we gave our relationship another go.

He has an obsession with my physical body, I have a weak muscle condition and he seems to in his infinte mind that he is way better then any doctors or specialists and that he can help my condition so then I can be better.

I first started to notice he had a personality disorder when he said "I came up with the idea for the spin wheel on The Price is Right." I thought he was joking and said "Cool, wow that's pretty cool." It was about a year after we met.

After that little things started to pop up in converstation. When CSI aired he said that he and his friends came up with the concept for the series and that his ideas were used in the series.

Family guy was based on him and he was Stewie and Brian. Then he goes on and on about someone who wrote a journal about him and his life as a child in the city. And someone had stolen the journal and put it to media exects in the US.

Three months ago he said that he was with a 16 year old when he was 24 and the girl got raped by some dark person and she got pregnant by either him or the dark person.

I turned to him and said if she was pregnant with his child, then why wasn't she claim child support. He went quiet and shrugged his shoulders.

Things are normally fine most of the time, how ever he is starting to get worse with these claims of ideas for tv.

We went to a busy resturant and he started on about creating the concept for Who wants to be a millionare. In a loud tone, I got embarassed and let a nervous giggle. To which he gave me a hurt look and said I didn't believe him.

I don't mind if he speaks like this when we are in private but now my little sister is finding him deillusional. He went with my sister and her boyfriend to a movie, which I couldn't attend on account of doing an assignment for Uni.

When they got home, my sister pulled me to my bedroom while my partner and her boyfriend played Wii. She sat me down and said "I don't want you to get engaged, married or even have children to Joe. He is whacked."

Asking why she said this comment she replied "Well Joe is going on and on that he was the one that created Wii, he was the one to name the product Wii when he was in elemantry school." Then she laughed.

Calmly I said that it is his condition that makes him say such things, but she pulled a face.

I love Joe to bits, even with his flaws. I have my own and he accepts them. I accept his. However Just wondering how does one cope and stand up for their partners who have NPD? My own parents can handle the situation fine but there is days where he just gets on their nerves.

Joe and I are going to attend my friend's wedding, and I have had family members teasing me saying that Joe will find a song and claim that someone is trying to communicate to him via the song.

It hurts that they have to be like that, but it is starting to stress me out with his claims. I try not to laugh because I find them far-fetched, but he ends up giving me this hurt expression and saying "I know you don't believe me. Your like everyone else." Which makes me feel guilty.

Any advice will be appreciated. Sorry it's a long post just wanted to get it off my chest.
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Mar 28, 2010

I'm pretty disappointed.

Thinking this was a forum that would give me advice from others out there that are in similar situations.

It's pretty slack people. Even if someone said "I'm not sure how to help you, but good luck."
That would have been fine instead of people just clicking and relieasing oh it's a long post, not going to post a response.

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Nov 21, 2009
Hi Mistymoo,

Sorry you are going through this, and i'm sorry that the lack of replies has made you angry.

On boards like this, people tend to gravitate and reply to posts that they relate too. Or sometimes, they just don't know what to say or don't know how to say it.

Personally i have no real advice for you as i have no experience of a situation such as yours.

But i do hope you can get things sorted.

Aurora :)


think of you

you can love some one unconditionally to your own cost ??
What counts is your well being above all else,
and if your partner is harmful to you, maybe you should move on ??

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