How do I control food addiction?



Jan 3, 2018
It was so difficult, though I finally had the ability to beat nutritional compulsions in one day. From the batting itself, I needed to do this with my thoughts, because the brain would continue the activities, at this point that we would leave it. In this event that we do not leave it, thoughts have to be in the form of contemplation and it can not physically hurt you, unless you enable it to do so. It is about the trend to realize that this is a continuous process and not a matter of overnight. We should firmly look for it to see that it is better. Confirm, so whatever I have started, I started with my thinking. Apart from living, I tried to discuss different things, whatever I think of living, I understand how to separate my thoughts faster, as I have to capture myself Done for It started from my point of view, I began to consider excessive eating constraints - overweight, it changed externally with expression, and in particular medical issues are notice signs that I see it, at that time I He started self-control. Conscience is such a thing that helped me to compete with the habit of perpetuation, when this happiness can be accomplished through various things; Different things that would give me happiness as well I had eaten less and less time at that point, good it was difficult, yet it needs to be done with assurance. What was my purpose I was solved? What is your purpose At that point, head towards that objective, believe that you are not a failure, rather a very face. At that point, when I saw nutrition in front of me, then I got away. When I saw nutrition around me, I think it is not there. When I used to think about living, I struggled with my thoughts. It is a thought fight. It is a sophisticated weapon. I was burning in the mouth, at the point, I was close to nutrition, yet I deliberately came out with a fight with a thought - the "result of the ultimate objective" The possibility of the craving of I finally, with progress, ready to win it. In fact, I should eat as much as I would, in fact, there is hunger and it screams me that I should eat in any situation, I remember that life is more than absolutability. The whole world is fully present for the satisfaction of tissue. When you spread a tendency, then the body may be modified, it definitely ends the simple extra minutes and for this determination one final departure is close to saying, when you "purify", at that time it will be a character.


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Oct 8, 2016

Ration out your food, and then only eat that.
Plan out the eating of your day.
Do it in the morning, or maybe even at the start of a new week.
Make this planning when you're full, to avoid clouding your judgement.
Set yourself rations, at rather specific times, and a set amount that you will eat then. Don't improvise when and how much you will eat.
By making the decisions when you're still rational, you avoid making stupid decisions.


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Sep 27, 2018
Adelaide, SA


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Dec 26, 2018

I’ve suffered quite badly over the last few years with binge eating/purging - both as a consequence of extreme “bodybuilding” dieting.

All I could think about during my episodes was stuffing as much food down as possible (preferably sugary foods due to the dopamine spike), followed by a sense of guilt, worthlessness, and inevitable purging to justify my actions.

One of the things that has definitely helped me is controlling my eating (note: NOT restricting, just controlling). So for example, I will set myself a daily calorie goal and stick to it through clever food choices. For ex:

- Low calorie ready meals bulked up by lots of veg.
- Can of zero sugar cola or lemonade if needing something sweet

I honestly felt that prepping my food beforehand had a negative effect on me. I would almost despise the prospect of knowing all I could eat for that day was sitting in the fridge waiting for me. This way though, you can try be a bit more flexible, and if you aren’t feeling hungry - don’t eat. If you are feeling hungry - decide what you want and add it into your daily calorie intact.

It’s not a completely foolproof method. I still have really bad days (at which point I purge), but it has helped me semi control what I thought to be the uncontrollable.


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Aug 1, 2014
Note for the moderating team - I shall be extremely careful not to mention any figures, to do with weight.

In my case, I had been on a certain medication many moons ago, and it was with great difficulty, that I couldn't control myself being addicted to food. Then, many moons later, a brand new medication came into effect, for me, and I have been on this branded med for many years, and I happily swear by it, that in the normal way of things these years, I can workout in fitness to fitness dvds, and being on a less weight gaining med, I have dropped certainly 1 clothes size, and I feel happier for it. I could do safely and carefully loosing much more, and given, time, I am sure, and combined with working out as well, that I will achieve my weight loss programmed - pre programmed goal.

Careful eating plans, and exercising are key points and also being on a less weight gaining medication.

I normally don't jump onto this forum, there just happened to have been a topic this one, which caught my attention.

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