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How differing opinion's can affect anxiety through the balance system



Well-known member
Sep 12, 2016
Opinion's form disagreement. Although you may have your own opinion the opinion's of others who enter information into your computer brain can cause anxiety or depression. Seeing people who offend you in some way, whether they look all happy and shit, or they sound annoying, or their clothes, anything about the that offends you and you may end up disagreeing all the time no matter what they're opinion about anything. Some people think that everyone disagrees with them, sometimes from bullying of voices, and they disagree with everyone no matter what the opinion is. When you come under disagreement with someone on their opinion for any reason you trade back and forth a feeling of contentment and discontentment. One can control this with a tailbone gesture of drawing an imaginary circle with the finger and can switch this feeling back and forth. Often an opinion will just dissolve into indifference as it changes or you forget what you were thinking about. The opinion of yourself and others is an open gate to your vestibular to fill you with anxiety or pain and controlling your tail wag is a step towards controlling your concurrence with people and anxiety.