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How did you stop binging?



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Feb 7, 2020
Maybe I need to try that. The thing with fasting is it gives me migraines though
I wouldn't do the fasting if I were you. This could get you into even more ED behavior.

Are you eating enough healthy food every day...every day? Cut out the junk. Give the body the nutrients it really needs. Don't restrict....it leads to binging.


Nov 20, 2020
My binges were the result of starvation getting the better of me. Then I’d purge it all and start all over again. My binges were spectacular and expensive!
It wasn’t until I was in a better place mentally that I started to gain weight leading to less starvation meaning fewer urges to binge.
I’m in recovery now, I’m a healthy weight and I’m slowly building myself a new life but I still have comfort eating episodes. They’re not what I’d call a binge but I can easily eat a whole packet or two of biscuits or a few family size packets of anything.
Ive learnt there’s always a reason behind each urge but, when you’re caught in the grip of one, sometimes its hard to put your coping techniques into action.
But I’m not beating myself up about it anymore and I know enough about how my body processes food to know that the odd pig out won’t have an effect on my body. I now have a good nutritious daily diet so if I comfort eat nowadays, I draw a line under it and continue with my healthy plan.
I think finding out why you need to binge is the first step, when you can tackle that the binges lose some of there power over you.