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How did you first know you had schizophrenia?



Aug 30, 2021
I was misdiagnosed as just depressed when I was 15 and many symptoms were ignored (or so I thought because I later found out I was on an old-school antipsychotic as well. I'm 50 now.

Anyway, later on I have a major psychotic break - having full on conversations with my friend who had died 5 years prior to the Conversations and hearing voices telling me to kill myself and just a Constant static sound in my head. I don't remember going to the hospital but I just remember making up and I was in a hospital ' I was taken there by my then- partner who was pretty freaked out. Eventually they diagnosed me with Bipolar I with mixed States. I have had suc ess with the voices being silenced and my thinking being unjumbled by taking the antipsychotics over the years but lately the Z yprexa isn't cutting it. MY wife said one time when I "forgot" my meds for a month she walked in the room and I said to her that I had been having a conversation with her for a good fen minutes - I saw her- but she was not actually there. I didn't remember doing that. She reminded me today. I feel like my thoughts are getting all static-y and jumbled and I'm having a hard time talking to people. I'm distracted by all the noise in my head. Itis SO LOUD! MY doctor put me on a new antipsychotic this past Thursday - Vraylar. I hope it helps. I'm an attorney and my brain is not working and I don't know how long I can keep on faking it.


Aug 30, 2021
United Kingdom
I had a major schizophrenic breakdown at uni in the UK at the age of 23.I dabbled in the occult at uni (ouija boards etc) and this curtailed my studies I was very ill and tried to kill myself on the Tube but God intervened.I was admitted into psychiatric hospital under a section for a month.I was hearing demonic voices and seeing weird stuff BUT I got better thanks to God adn medication though I have been 4x in psychiatric hospitals.I am on risperidone which makes me put on weight and might be causing slight diabetes 2.I have chronic insomnia at the moment which I am trying to reslove witha sleep therapist.I have help the psychiatric profession develop a new anti-psychotic with less side effects but IMHO schizophrenia is demonic in origin;the spritual effects the material brain if you see what I mean.I wish you well and take it easy.Health is wealth.

Lab rat

Well-known member
Feb 6, 2020
The police told me i was schizophrenic because my dr told them before telling me. Under the circumstances, it was the right thing to do, i bear no ill will

Adhd didn’t exist when i was a kid, had it done, i would definitely have been diagnosed with it


Aug 30, 2021
I have ADHD as well. I haven't thought that any thing demonic was going on but I do know I've been convinced of tal king to people who are not there. That is Scary to me. One that I spoke with had been dead for years, She was a close frien d. She told me to kill myself so I would be with her. I was very ill. Have any of you, as part of your i llness, felt like the world was moving at a different pace around your head, like you hear peop le call your name, you hear loud noise like a TV on a bad dial (like an old TV where you could put it on a dial where you'd get no signal), or that whole deal with feeling like everything around you is not real ? I know the depersonalization and stuff like that comes under a different title here, but I wondered if any of you had those symptoms at all. I'm just in a really bad, kind of scary, place \ w here I am not always feeling like I can trust what I am seeing or hearing or feeling . I have appreciated you a ll's input and hope you all find peace as Well.
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