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How concerned should i be for my safety WRT these delusions?



New member
Oct 14, 2021
Hi, I hope this is ok to post here. I'm looking for advice regarding a sensitive topic.

My aunt has schizophrenia and has for many decades, she's prone to delusions but recently they have been centred around me and my mum - her sister.

My aunt is very co-dependent with my mum and they spend alot of time together, she doesn't like it when mum spends much time with me and my children as she sees it as me taking her away from her. This means I don't have much of a close relationship with mum these days sadly.

I'm expecting a baby in just over a week and mum has offered to look after my existing children for the morning at my house so my partner can be with me for my cesarean section. I have PTSD from a precious traumatic birth so I'm keen not to go through it alone.

The problem is, when I was speaking to my aunt on the phone the other day she came out with some worrying things. She made it clear she doesn't want mum to look after my chilren for me and she's got it into her head that I've been telling mum to kill her, and that somebody is going to hurt mum. She implied that if anyone hurt mum she would smash their head in and wouldn't serve a day in prison because of her medical record. It seemed like a veiled threat to me.

Alot of word salad but what's clear is that she needs an urgent med review (mum claims she is taking her meds but I'm not convinced) and I've become a focal point of her delusions.

I spoke to her again the following day and said I'm concerned about what she's coming out with and asked whether she truly believed that. She said no, it was just dark thoughts.

Aunt hasn't been violent in quite some time but I feel vulnerable and I'm also concerned for mum. I'm going to report it all to her CMHT as I think she needs intervention, but do you think I need to be worried for my safety and my children's based on the nature of her delusions?

Thank you


Aug 28, 2021
Hello thank you for sharing. This was an alarming post. As I am a soon to be mother, I would absolutely NOT HAVE my children around your aunt. She is unstable and to be frank....its not your problem. I know that may seem harsh, but she and your mom can figure it out, your job is your family and your own children. If you mom cant see what's happening, you need to just stay away from it and protect your children. As mothers we have a responsibility and you aunt has given off several red flags. I would not allow your children near her. Keep your babies safe <3
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