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How can this be anxiety?



New member
Jul 4, 2021
Everyone says I am rock, always there to help family whether it be emotion and practical support. I have sometimes a pressurised job which I have always seemed to cope with and often mean thinking very fast.

But about 5 years ago I went on a flight to New York with the family and I felt sick and quite ill. Once we got there I was fine and then we had to fly from New York to florida I was fine. Flying home from florida I was fine. Nothing after that.

Then about 2 years ago on my wife's company Christmas do London I sat down for the evening meal and again felt hot, nauseous and a headache. Once we got back to the hotel with all the customers I was fine.

Also about 2 years ago we went to my sons graduation and when we were sat in the auditorium waiting for the ceremony again I felt hot, nauseous etc. Once he had graduated and we all met outside I was fine..

Is this an anxiety attack?

Why am I asking now. I am due to go to London again on Friday for another company meal with my wife and I'm already worrying that I am going to feel the same..

As once a sales manager I have travelled everywhere, done presentations to 100's of people..

I feel a bit stupid feeling like this now


Well-known member
Apr 24, 2017
Pyongyang, DPRK
Hey :) That's okay, health is difficult to control but we do our best! I think it's best to see a GP about this, in case there's something else going on. Can you think of anything in particular that triggers these reactions? Is there something that causes you stress, like work, worrying about family etc?


New member
Jul 4, 2021
Thanks for that but I'm fit for my age, nothing other than these odd issues


Well-known member
May 30, 2019
Certainly sounds like an anxiety attack.
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