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how can i tell my psychiatrist now?



New member
Jan 3, 2009
i've suffered with delusions and paranoia for afew years. i haven't told my psychiatrist, nurse and social worker alot of this till recently. i have ONCE lied saying i heard voices. THE REASON I LIED WAS BECAUSE I COULDN'T COPE WITH THE PARANOIA E.G THINKING I'M BEING FOLLOWED, THAT THE HOUSE WAS BUGGED ETC.

i thought it was them setting me up with these things e.g. sending people to follow me.. This meant i couldn't trust them. i thought if i told them they would make the tests more difficult to detect. i thought if i kept quiet i would have a better chance of succeeding. Now they come across strongly as they don't believe me. what should i do. i break into a cold sweat everytime i have to see them.

i was so paranoid i was being persecuted i called up the police, fire brigade etc for what i saw as a threat. i have spent the last few years reliving the trauma of the place where i broke down. i was on a nursing course and i thought the staff were abusing their patients.

when i was admitted to hospital i ended up reporting anything i saw as a abuse. my nurse etc can't understand the context of a lot of my behaviour so they think i'm a time waster and a drain on resources. they no longer appear to want to help me. what can i do?


Sep 22, 2008
Just tell the truth.It'll be fine.


Yep, be honest
Paranoia is horrible and there is medicine for it

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